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We'd love to have you join us on our Imperial Cities Tour in April 2019. We'll be visiting Vienna, Budapest and Prague, and to whet your appetite scroll through the blog below to learn more about Prague Castle, Matthias Church, Fisherman's Bastion and more!

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On this Tour Chat, Evelyn Massaro and Kurt Hauswirth discuss more things to do for fun and exploration in the Imperial Cities of Prague, Vienna and Budapest.  Listen as they talk about towers, thermal baths, and coffee houses!

Check our tour blog for full info on how to register for the trip, plus take a look through that itinerary to see what's scheduled!  Come have fun with us in the Imperial Cities!

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Even with all the fun activities included in our tour itinerary, there's so much more to experience when we visit Prague.  Below are just a few of the cool things I hope to see when we're there.

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The John Lennon Graffiti Wall

I'm really looking forward to our tour of the Imperial Cities next April 2019.
With 3 days in Vienna we'll have lots of time to explore the city.

Below are some fun things to do and see in Vienna during our free time.
I'm going to try to see as many as I can.  I'm hoping some adventurous travelers will want to join me.

Danube Island Park

Ever wonder if you need to stick to the travel itinerary when you're overseas?  There's plenty to do in the Imperial Cities, which means Prague, Vienna and Budapest.  Station Manager Evelyn Massaro and classiclectic host Kurt Hauswirth talk about the fun (and some free!) things you can do on our next Public Radio 90 trip!

Check our tour blog for full info on how to register for the trip, plus take a look through that itinerary to see what's scheduled!  Come have fun with us in the Imperial Cities!

Have you wondered what to do when you're overseas?  Do you have to follow the itinerary?  What do you do on a day in the city and you have some free time?

Join Evelyn Massaro and Kurt Hauswirth as they discuss the stuff that's not in the itinerary!  The two of them will have Tour Chats, where we take a dive into the fun things to do that are not on the schedule of events.  Maybe you will pack your swimsuit and jump in the thermal baths of Budapest; perhaps you'll have fun at one of many water parks in Vienna; spend some time with the animals of the Prague Zoo!

Come with us to the Imperial Cities of Prague, Vienna and Budapest to see one of the top Budapest attractions: Fisherman's Bastion.  

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Laura Chapman from Holiday Travel Vacations regarding our Imperial Cities Tour to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.  They discuss what you need to prepare for the next adventure with Public Radio 90.

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Vienna is so much more than Schnitzel.

Do you like to travel but don’t always have a readily available travel companion?  It can be a bit daunting traveling to a foreign country alone; going through customs, finding transportation, safe lodging, making dining and sightseeing arrangements, not to mention language barriers.

Come travel along with Public Radio 90 and let Collette Vacations and Holiday Travel Vacations take all the work and worry out of your travel plans.

It’s a fun way to travel on your own without being alone. 

Valli At The Cemetery - "The Third Man" 1949 This film takes place in post-World War II Vienna, Austria

I am a bit of a film nut.  I was the president of Northern Michigan University's alternative film group "Gonzo Media" for a while when I was an undergrad.  That love of film has stuck with me, and one film I hold dear to my heart is the 1949 film noir "The Third Man," directed by Carol Reed, and stars Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, and Orson Welles.  We are dropped into post-World War II Vienna with American novelist Holly Martins, who was given a job by his friend Harry Lime.  Unfortunately he learns quickly that Harry Lime is dead; the