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DNR offers snowmobile sound tests amid increased enforcement

MARQUETTE, MI (AP)-- The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is offering snowmobile sound testing as part of an effort to ensure that machines are operating legally. Conservation officers will be on hand for testing from 9 a.m. to noon Feb. 20 at DNR customer service centers in Marquette, Newberry and Gaylord. Testing is offered for 2-stroke machines manufactured after 1980 and takes about 10 minutes. The DNR says any result above 88 decibels is failing. No enforcement action will happen...
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Utilities expect Wisconsin customers to see heating savings

MILWAUKEE, WI (AP)-- Some Wisconsin utilities predict customers could see their lowest heating bills in years, thanks to low natural gas prices and a mild winter. Customers of Milwaukee-based We Energies can expect savings of around 25 percent compared with last winter. That translates into a savings of $150 for the heating season. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the latest forecast is an update from We Energies' initial estimate in October. Wisconsin's largest utility reports that in ...
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Former President Bill Clinton levied an extended criticism of Bernie Sanders at a campaign stop in which he took issue with "sexist" attacks against his wife.

In the stretch run before the New Hampshire primary, the former president accused Sanders' supporters of slinging vitriol toward Clinton's female supporters, citing the tale of one female blogger who was bullied online.

Out for dinner with a group of friends, Christina Dierkes, a science writer with Ohio Sea Grant in Columbus, was feeling adventurous. It took some steely courage to order the Caribbean Roll at Mr. Sushi's. Not so much for the tuna and avocado on the inside — that's a combination that's appealing to most of us. But the tuna sushi in this spectacularly Americanized roll is topped with a deep-fried banana, honey, mayonnaise and a generous dash of coconut crumbs. Yum?

At more than 1,100 feet long, it's large enough to hold more than 6,100 people — but on Sunday, the 168,000-ton Royal Caribbean cruise ship was tossed around by a winter storm that damaged the craft and left four people with minor injuries.

Photos sent by passengers show high winds, turbulent seas and leaning decks.

At midnight Tuesday the residents of tiny Dixville Notch, N.H., will welcome camera crews for the quadrennial ritual of casting the first votes in the nation's first presidential primary.

The remote town near the Canadian border is so small that it has only a roomful of registered voters and zero racial diversity. Its votes in recent cycles have been unreliable indicators of who will win the primary.

But the cameras will be there, nonetheless, because it is first, and because it is a tradition.

Tweeting an image of football cleats hanging on a wire and one emoji — of a peace sign — was all running back Marshawn Lynch needed to do to get people thinking that he's retiring from football. Lynch, whose reticence regarding the media is legendary, was quickly saluted by his Seattle Seahawks teammates.

The Seahawks haven't officially said Lynch is retiring, and it's highly unlikely that he would hold a news conference to make his plans known and to banter with reporters about his favorite moments in the NFL.

After an airplane passenger set off a bomb last week, the pilot managed to land the plane safely in Mogadishu, Somalia. Now CCTV footage released by the Somali government indicates airport workers may have been in on the attack.

The only casualty of the attack was the bomber, who apparently was sucked out of the hole in the side of the plane.

NPR's Gregory Warner tells our Newscast unit that the bomber was originally scheduled to fly on a Turkish Airlines flight. Here's more from Gregory:

On the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula, laid out across ferry-filled harbors and rolling hillsides, is a vibrant port city called Mokpo.

Famous for its Japanese colonial architecture and for being the jumping-off point to scenic islands like Heuksan and Jeju— the "Hawaii of Korea" — Mokpo is also known for its fishing industry and its local seafood delicacy: hongeo.

Collin Magonigal / Redstone Test Center

MARQUETTE, MI--   Icing tests on U.S. Army helicopters in the Marquette area will continue through April. 

That’s according to officials at the Redstone Test Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  A team based at Sawyer International Airport has been flying two modified aircraft in the area since last October.  One is a CH-47D Chinook helicopter equipped with a Helicopter Icing Spray System, which creates an icy cloud through which a second helicopter flies.  It documents the effects of ice accumulation and shedding. 

Sandra Svoboda / WDET

FLINT, MI (MPRN)--   Hillary Clinton took a break over the weekend from stumping for support in New Hampshire to bring her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination to Flint, where the city faces a public health crisis due to lead in the drinking water.

Clinton’s visit capped an hours-long church revival meeting filled with songs, sermons, and a pastor with a sense of humor as he noted the packed seats at the House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church. 

“I got a question: Where y’all been?” asked Elder Kenneth Stewart to peals of laughter from the congregation.

Only a few people survived when a boat carrying migrants capsized in the Aegean Sea on Monday, Turkish Coast Guard officials say. More than two dozen people perished — including about a dozen children.