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Power outage affects some in Forsyth/West Branch Townships

UPDATE: UPPCO crews found that an insulator on an American Transmission Company line that serves Sawyer failed. Power was returned to customers just before 10 p.m. Wednesday. _______________________ GWINN, MI-- More than 1,500 people in the Gwinn area are without power Wednesday night. Upper Peninsula Power Company reported two outages in Forsyth and West Branch townships around 6:30 p.m., which is affecting about 38 percent of UPPCO customers in the area. There’s no word yet on what caused...
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Student entrepreneurs finding NMU's program one of the most affordable

MARQUETTE, MI-- Northern Michigan University offers one of the 15 most affordable bachelor’s degrees in entrepreneurship in the country. That’s according to independent college search and rankings site AffordableSchools.net. NMU’s major is designed for students who want to start their own businesses or work in a range of business environments. Lead researcher with AffordableSchools Raj Dash says job growth for careers relating to entrepreneurship studies ranges from 7 to 15 percent between...
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Looking for a way to get rid of that old beater?

Tropical Storm Erika has caused extensive flooding and landslides on the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica, killing at least four people and cutting power and water to many residents.

The storm dumped 9 inches of rain on the mountainous island late Wednesday.

"The situation is grim. It is dangerous," Ian Pinard, Dominica's communications minister, was quoted by The Associated Press as saying.

His power and talent tested the nuts and bolts of basketball – literally. Darryl Dawkins, who became famous for backboard-shattering dunks after he became the first NBA player to skip college altogether, has died at age 58.

Lehigh Carbon Community College, where Dawkins coached for two seasons, says:

The National Portrait Gallery says it has no plans to heed calls by conservatives and anti-abortion activists to remove a bust of Margaret Sanger from an exhibit on civil rights. Sanger, who died in 1966, was an early supporter and activist for the birth control movement and the founder of Planned Parenthood.

NPR's Pam Fessler tells our Newscast unit that "the demands are part of a larger campaign against Planned Parenthood, after its employees were recorded talking about providing fetal tissue to medical researchers."

The Oxford English Dictionary has added a slew of new words, and let's just say these awesomesauce entries will have you fangirling. Rly.

Many entries are food-related:

Polio is almost gone from the face of the earth. The virus is actively circulating in only two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. But now there's a worrisome new development in the polio end-game.

In Thursday's edition of the journal PLoS, scientists report on a man in the United Kingdom who was immunized with oral polio vaccine as a child and whose stool samples continued to contain live polio virus for 28 years.

The images continue to haunt: storm surge from Hurricane Katrina pouring through gaps in failed flood walls, rapidly rising waters, desperate New Orleanians trapped on rooftops.

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday ordered three tobacco companies to stop claiming their cigarettes are "additive-free" or "natural."

The agency said those claims could mislead smokers into thinking those cigarettes are safer than others.

My parents are Cuban and Panamanian. I grew up in Miami. I travel broadly in Latin America but reside in Brazil, which speaks Portuguese, not Spanish.

So what am I?

This may seem an irrelevant question to many, but as the American presidential season kicks into high gear there's been a lot of confusion about how to refer to people alternately called Hispanics or Latinos.

In a new report and letter sent to congressional leadership, Planned Parenthood contends that controversial videos alleging the organization sells fetal tissue have been "heavily edited in order to significantly change the meaning" of what its staff said.