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MAPS considers bond for upgrades

MARQUETTE, MI-- The superintendent of Marquette Area Public Schools is asking the school board to approve a $6.285 million bond proposal to make upgrades in the district. Bill Saunders explained the proposal’s six projects to the board at a work session Thursday night. The first would expand classroom space, as three of the four elementary schools are already full, and enrollment is expected to increase. “So, since we’re already out of space we’re actually into the special areas, so we’re...
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Manistique pot suspect charged in federal court

MARQUETTE, MI-- A Manistique man charged with delivering marijuana to Wisconsin now faces federal charges. Jason Gregurash, 37, was arrested January 25 by the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team. He allegedly tried to deliver 15 pounds of marijuana to Wisconsin. Five more pounds of pot and 72 plants were later found in his home. Officials say the marijuana had a street value of $70,000. Gregurash is now in federal custody, charged with distribution/manufacture with intent to distribute...
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NPR Politics

This post is about to recommend that you read two fairly long stories about Polish politics.

It's worth it, I promise. They offer twin views on a story that's not just important geopolitically — it's fascinating on a human level.

Here's how The Guardian opens its examination of the mysterious crash that has reshaped the Polish psyche — not to mention Poland's government:

The magnitude-6.4 earthquake has left 26 people dead. Camila had the news in an earlier post.

Here is the story in photographs, which tell stories of life and death, destruction and hope in the quake's aftermath:

A professor at an evangelical Christian college who was suspended for saying Christians and Muslims worship the same God will no longer be teaching at the school.

As we've reported, Larycia Hawkins, an associate political science professor who had tenure at Wheaton College in Illinois, was suspended from her job in December.

Not that long ago, being a woman in the workplace was different. Just watch any episode of Mad Men.

That was just the way things were back then. It wasn't until 1986 that the Supreme Court acknowledged that there's something called sexual harassment and it's a violation of federal civil rights law.

"Irresponsible," "senseless," "deplorable," "destabilizing," "totally unacceptable."

North Korea's launch of a long-range rocket has filled the isolated nation with pride — and sparked fierce censure from the rest of the world.

As we reported yesterday, the launch on Sunday morning local time arrives just a month after a nuclear test that had already raised tensions in the area:

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