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See a moose? Report it

MARQUETTE, MI-- Department of Natural Resources officials are asking people who come across moose to tell them where they saw it. The DNR has been monitoring the animal since it was reintroduced to the U.P. in the 1980s. Estimates of the population are made through aerial surveys of the moose’s core range in the Western U.P., and observation reports are useful in determining the survey sample area. Residents or visitors who see a moose anywhere in the U.P. are urged to fill out a Moose...
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Marquette County ranks high on best mortgage list

MARQUETTE, MI-- Marquette County is third on the list of top places to get a mortgage in Michigan. That’s according to SmartAsset, a New York financial technology company that recently released its second annual study on the Best Places to Get a Mortgage. The study determines the top markets by comparing the likelihood of mortgage approval by county, as well as mortgage rates, average five-year borrowing costs, and property taxes. Marquette County comes in behind only Leelanau and Livingston...
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Elections 2016

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Law enforcement officials would love to have a clear way to tell when a driver is too drugged to drive. But the decades of experience the country has in setting limits for alcohol have turned out to be rather useless so far because the mind-altering compound in cannabis, THC, dissolves in fat, whereas alcohol dissolves in water.

If you're a government official, you don't want to get a call from Cees Klumper's office.

Because there's a good chance what you'll hear is basically this: "Either you send us back the money that was misused in the past, or we'll deduct double the amount from your future grants. It's your choice."

Iraq's war against the Islamic State is gaining momentum. Intensified U.S. airstrikes, and more than a year of U.S. training of Iraqi soldiers seem to be paying off. ISIS supply lines have been cut and its access to oil has been reduced. When Iraqi forces with coalition airstrikes retook the western city of Ramadi, it was the latest in a series of successes.

But ISIS is just one of many groups trying to carve out power for itself in a country where the central government is looking ever weaker.

President Obama unveils his 2017 budget proposal today. It's an aspirational blueprint that details how he would set priorities if he controlled the government's checkbook ... which he doesn't.

"This budget is not about looking back at the road we have traveled," Obama said. "It is about looking forward."

But congressional Republicans are looking past the president. House Speaker Paul Ryan dismissed the budget as "a progressive manual for growing the federal government at the expense of hardworking Americans."

There's never a shortage of questions about the twists and turns of health coverage. Here are answers to recent questions from readers about premium tax credit repayments for marketplace plans, out-of-network emergency care and nursing home bills.

Jeb Bush may finally be hitting his stride. The former Florida governor will find out Tuesday night whether that's too little, too late to save his White House hopes.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Mother Nature is cooperating this year for the running of the UP200 and Midnight Run sled dog races. 

Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association Ron Hewson says the trails are looking good.  Warmth over the past week melted the snow a little, which makes for a good, crusty base.  He says upcoming cold temperatures will provide the perfect racing conditions. 

Hit by a string of scandals over food safety controls, McDonald's business in Japan has posted its worst annual results since going public 15 years ago. The company reported a net loss of 34.704 billion yen — around $303 million.

Last year, sales at McDonald's Japan stores were down around 15 percent from 2014, the company says. The Japanese unit has now reported a net loss for two years in a row, the result of a sequence of scandals.

HOUGHTON, MI--   A Hancock woman accused of stabbing a man last August has been sentenced to jail. 

Sarah Youmans, 41, was originally charged with assault with a dangerous weapon but pleaded no contest in January to attempted assault with a dangerous weapon.

She was sentenced Monday to a year in the Houghton County Jail with credit for 171 days already served.