Upper Peninsula Power Company


MARQUETTE, MI--   Upper Peninsula Power Company crews have returned from Florida.

Eight linemen and a supervisor were deployed to Tampa where they assisted TECO Energy in cleanup from Hurricane Irma. Officials say as efforts were wrapping up near Tampa another electric company requested UPPCO’s assistance further south near Fort Meyers. The crews helped restore power to residents for another week before returning to the U.P.


TAMPA, FL--   Crews from Upper Peninsula Power Company are on their way to Florida to assist in power restoration efforts after Hurricane Irma caused widespread outages. 

Tuesday morning utility workers left the U.P. and headed toward Tampa. They’ll be joined by line technicians and supporting staff from across the country.

UPPCO Vice President Brett French says U.P. customers won’t be impacted by the crews’ departure. He says they have sufficient resources remaining to respond to inclement weather or other events that may affect power delivery.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Upper Peninsula Power Company says significant rainfall and cooler temperatures this summer could mean lower bills next year.

UPPCO CEO Jim Larsen says the extra rainfall has increased the water levels in the company’s hydroelectric reservoirs. That allowed additional generators to run over the summer.

Larsen says combined with the wet spring, UPPCO produced about 57 percent more electricity than a typical year. The additional energy being produced reduces the need for energy purchases, which will lower the overall cost to customers.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Upper Peninsula Power Company is warning its customers about yet another phone scam.

Officials say the scammer tells the customer they need to call back a certain phone number because a technician is on the way to their home to disconnect the power. The customer is instructed to purchase a prepaid credit card, money order, or money pack card and give the scammer the numbers. Once that’s done the money is gone.

Officials say the caller ID from the scammer belongs to a phone company.


Upper Peninsula Power Company is warning its residential and business customers about a phone scam where callers pose as UPPCO representatives.  According to company officials, several customers have recently reported being contacted and informed that they owe money to UPPCO and will have their power turned off unless payment is made immediately with a pre-paid credit card. The power company says it never requires customers to purchase a pre-paid credit card for payment. Customers who are behind on their bills will receive a notice in the mail from UPPCO.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Upper Peninsula Power Company says it has completed storm restoration efforts.

The utility says customer outages caused by Monday’s storm are considered back in service, but anyone who still doesn’t have power—except for those waiting for their meter equipment to be repaired—should contact UPPCO.

Officials say those living in areas hardest-hit by the storm should be on guard for trees that are leaning or hung up on other trees, as they could fall on power lines.

Residents should report downed lines and any trees that pose a threat to UPPCO. 


Apr 3, 2017

MARQUETTE, MI--   Upper Peninsula Power Company has a new chief executive officer. 

James Larsen started his new job Monday. He comes to UPPCO from SEMCO Energy Gas Company in Port Huron, where he served as president.  Larsen held a number of positions in his 17 years at SEMCO before he was appointed president in 2010.

He also spent more than 10 years at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory near Saratoga, New York.

UPPCO serves about 54,000 customers in ten of the U.P.’s 15 counties and owns and operates nine generation facilities.  

MARQUETTE, MI--   Upper Peninsula Power Company is preparing to lower water levels at its hydroelectric reservoirs to prepare for the coming spring runoff. 

Water level drawdowns at the Victoria and Bond Falls reservoirs will begin this month, while the Prickett Hydro Dam reservoir drawdown will start in February.  UPPCO’s Lake Gogebic reservoir is expected to be lowered between now and the end of February. 

MARQUETTE, MI--   Upper Peninsula Power Company joined other utilities across the U.S. Wednesday to promote the inaugural Utilities United Against Scams Day.  

The event focused on exposing scammers’ tactics to steal money from customers and what customers can do to protect themselves. 

Officials say scammers may pretend to be from a utility, tell residents they’re behind on their bill, and threaten disconnection if payment isn’t made.  The resident may be instructed to buy a prepaid credit card and call the scammer back with its numbers.  At that point, the money is gone.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Upper Peninsula Power Company is letting customers know about a phone scam where the caller claims to represent the utility. 

UPPCO officials say the scammer offers a discount if certain questions are answered.  They say customers should never give out their account or banking information.

UPPCO wants anyone who receives such a call to write down any information the caller provides and take note of the call date and time, phone number, and any other information that shows up on caller ID.