Marquette County Suicide Prevention Coalition

MARQUETTE, MI--   People with suicidal thoughts should go to someone—anyone—for help. 

That’s according to Patti Karwoski, longtime guidance counselor for the Marquette Area Public Schools district. Her statement follows the release of an email sent to certain Northern Michigan University students that says they could face disciplinary action if they discuss suicidal or self-destructive thoughts with other students. 

Karwoski says if a person is too ashamed or too scared to go to a professional or a person of authority, they should simply talk to someone they trust. 

MARQUETTE, MI--   The newly formed Marquette County Suicide Prevention Coalition is working on a plan to provide training around the region.  

Sarah Derwin is a health educator with the Marquette County Health Department.  She says a number of high-profile suicides in the area shows a real need for “gatekeeper” training.

“Almost anybody could benefit from an hour training that would help them recognize signs of suicide and also then resources of where to refer somebody if that happens,” she says.