8-18 Media

Sunday at 9:34am

This special program features news reports and commentaries produced by journalists ages 8 to 18 from the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. The young journalists tackle issues that affect them across the spectrum, but reports are written for an adult audience.

Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, talks about what occupies his mind most these days.

Marquette Senior High School now has unique technology to spur creative minds. By Angel O'Connor, 16, Brandon O'Brien, 13, Annabella Martinson, 12, Anja McBride, 12, and Liam Ulland-Joy, 11.

Anja McBride, 12, talks about the good and not-so-good things about being a year older.

Eleanor Grosvenor, 11, discusses the process of learning how to get down the slopes.

Will Guter, 15, Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, Anna Rayhorn, 11, and Anja McBride, 11, report on a youth writing group at Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

Esme Ulland-Joy, 8, talks about what makes winter wonderful for her.

Angel O'Connor, 16, talks about life on the autism spectrum.

Elise Heide, 13, Anna Martinson, 12, Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, Anja McBride, 11, and Esme Ulland-Joy, 8 talk about school uniforms and how they are very often a good thing for students.

Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, tells us about a book he's written.

Anna Rahorn, 11, discusses Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling's new book.