Viennese Composers - Mozart

Apr 11, 2018

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria

From Mozart to Falco, Vienna is rich with inspiration for composers of all kinds of music.

At the early age of 4 years Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart started to receive his musical education and was taught by his father. At the age of 5 he was presented as a child prodigy and performed his first musical tour throughout Europe. Mozart's career was closely linked to the city of Vienna. Aged 6, Mozart performed for the Austrian royals at the Hall of Mirrors at Schloss Schönbrunn and enchanted Empress Maria Theresia and the rest of the imperial family with his talent and his liveliness. On this European tour it became clear that Mozart was not only an excellent performer, but was also interested in composing music himself. In 1765, his first Sonatas were published in Paris.  Mozart moved to Vienna in 1781 aged 25.

Mozarthaus Vienna, Mozart's home from 1784 to 1787
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The Mozarthaus Vienna was Mozart's residence from 1784 to 1787, and is his only surviving Viennese residence and is now a museum.

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"The Musical Side of Vienna"

Meet a local expert in central Vienna near St. Stephen’s Cathedral to begin your walk through the musical history of the city. Our first stop is at Mozart’s former residence. Go inside and be transported to the days when he composed his musical works of art. Continue on through the medieval section of the city and pause at the monument dedicated to the musical icon Johann Strauss. Next, we set out for the beautiful, sprawling Stadtpark, where you will learn about the contributions of Schubert and Strauss to Vienna’s long and rich musical history while surrounded by nature. Finally, sit back and relax like a Viennese resident with your local guide and chat about the musical greats while sipping coffee at a local Viennese coffee house. Duration: Approximately 2 hours. Please note a minimum of 15 passengers is required. Transportation is included.

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