Snyder: ADA compliance includes websites

Nov 25, 2013

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--  The state of Michigan is close to wrapping up a plan to make programs more easily available to people with disabilities, including online services.  

The state recently completed an audit of how its agencies are complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Governor Rick Snyder discussed the project at a recent conference on employment and people with disabilities.  He says the state’s had to make changes to websites and electronic communications so they can be used by people with visual and hearing impairments.

“That’s something that shows all of us can keep learning that there are better things we can do,” he says.

State officials say 96 percent of the state’s websites now comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

The next phase of a plan to upgrade offices, communications, and websites to be ADA-compliant is due to be released early next year.