Schuette not pleased with carp plan

Jul 26, 2013

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says he's not satisfied with the Obama administration's updated plan for preventing Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes. 

Attorney General Bill Schuette

Schuette said Thursday that anything short of physically separating the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds leaves the lakes region's environment and economy at risk. The plan released by the administration this week promises improvements to barriers and further work on technologies such as underwater cannons.

It promises a report with options for a permanent solution later this year.

Michigan is among five states suing the federal government to seal off the Great Lakes basin. A federal judge rejected the suit in December, but the states have appealed.

Schuette says the discovery of Asian carp DNA beyond an electric barrier near Chicago shows it's not enough.