Richardville not focusing on punishing schools with long contracts

Mar 22, 2013

LANSING, MI (AP)--   A top Republican lawmaker says he's skeptical of cutting state aid to universities that sign lengthy labor contracts before Michigan's right-to-work law takes effect. 

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said Thursday he'll be "really cautious" about "tying appropriations to local decisions."

GOP-controlled House subcommittees have voted to cut or limit funding to universities, community colleges and K-12 schools if contracts ratified before March 28th don't have minimum savings.

Some Republicans say long contracts at Wayne State, the University of Michigan and elsewhere fly in the face of right to work. Democrats say the criticism is hypocritical because the GOP argued the right-to-work law was about worker freedom, and employees and employers should be able to freely negotiate contracts.

GOP Governor Rick Snyder also has seemed OK with the longer contracts.