Phone scam hits Marquette County

Nov 23, 2012

MARQUETTE, MI--  Michigan State Police from the Negaunee Post are warning residents about a new phone scam. 

This week a woman received a call from a man speaking broken English who claimed he was from Publishers Clearing House in Las Vegas.  He told the woman she’d won a new car and money and needed to pick them up at the Marquette Wal-Mart immediately.  When she advised the caller she didn’t have a vehicle the man urged her to take her father’s car or a taxi, but to get to Wal-Mart right away.  The victim finally hung up on the caller.

State Police remind residents never to give personal information to an unknown person over the phone.  If you have to send the caller money, cash a check for them or meet them to collect your “prize”, it’s likely a scam.