Inaugural Fresh Coast Film Festival in Marquette

Oct 11, 2016

MARQUETTE, MI--   This week marks the debut of Marquette’s first-ever film festival. 

The Fresh Coast Film Festival will be held Thursday through Sunday at various venues in the downtown Marquette area. It also features ten outdoors tours, from trail running to stone skipping to kayaking.

Event director Aaron Peterson says it was created after he realized there isn’t a lot of representation from the Great Lakes region at the film festivals that are of the outdoor/adventure/documentary genre he’s attended.  He says the 59 films being shown this week have a definite connection to the region.

“Everything from lighthearted fun and quirky culture to really poignant environmental advocacy pieces and everything in between,” he says. 

Peterson says the name of the festival highlights the importance of an area that contains the most fresh water on the planet.

“There’s a landscape here that’s globally significant—a resource that’s globally significant,” he says, “and increasing threats from things like sulfide mining, oil pipelines, that I feel the creative community in the Upper Midwest, in the Great Lakes, needs to gather, needs to work together and think of itself as a cohesive region and to take on some of these fights.”   

Day and weekend passes are available online at through Wednesday, and are available at the Travel Marquette office from Thursday on.