Administrator wants MI Supreme Court raises

Apr 26, 2013

LANSING, MI (AP)--   The administrator of Michigan's court system is recommending two consecutive years of 3 percent raises for state Supreme Court justices, who make about $165,000. 

But Chad Schmucker says he's actually trying to help the trial judges in Michigan's 83 counties. That's because their salaries are based on a percentage of what Supreme Court justices are paid.

Schmucker recently told the state compensation commission that trial judges haven't received a raise since 2002. They're paid about $140,000 a year.

Schmucker says Michigan's economy has improved. He says the trial courts also have become more efficient and effective, due to consolidation and other reforms.

Only the Legislature can approve raises for Michigan's top public officials after it gets recommendations this year from the compensation commission. No raise would kick in until 2015.