2 grants awarded to benefit Midwestern birds, bats

Jul 12, 2013


Credit en.wikipedia.org

Mich. (AP) — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has awarded grants for two projects in the Midwest designed to benefit endangered birds and bats.
A $950,000 grant will help natural resource agencies in eight states craft a plan for developing wind energy while limiting the effect on the Indiana bat, the interior least tern, the Kirtland's warbler, and the piping plover.
The initiative is part of a program that allow private landowners, states or counties to do things that could affect endangered species if they agree to conservation measures that will reduce the impact.
Also, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is receiving $759,000 to acquire up to 1,500 acres of land in Adams County to provide habitat for the Kirtland's warbler, the Karner blue butterfly, and other barrens species.