Peninsula Performances!

Public Radio 90 is pleased to let you know that we have selected a name for a new concert series of local and visiting artists in the Upper Great Lakes region! You may remember a show from the past - "Superiorland Concerts" - the new show will be very similar, with a few tweaks and new inclusions to highlight more talent in our area.  It is called "Peninsula Performances," and we are very pleased to highlight local musical talent on our station!

Stay tuned for the first edition of "Peninsula Performances," on October 6th, 2017! We'll highlight some new recordings from 2016 and 2017, from the NMU Symphonic Band, the 2017 Pine Mountain Music Festival, the NMU Orchestra and the NMU Choirs!

Find out more about October 2017 episodes:


Thank you to everyone who submitted their name suggestions on our Facebook page ( or look for @Public Radio 90).