Superior Watershed Partnership

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Marquette Downtown Development Authority has been awarded a 2018 Keep America Beautiful grant. 

The city’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program will receive $2,500 dollars to help purchase cigarette urns. They’ll be placed in strategic locations downtown. The money will also be used to educate smokers about the negative effects of cigarette butt litter and distribute portable ash trays.

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Superior Watershed Partnership is hiring for the summer. 

More than 30 seasonal crew members are needed for the Great Lakes Conservation Corps and the Climate Conservation Corps.

The GLCC implements projects like habitat restoration, erosion control, stream restoration, tree planting, and invasive species control. The Climate Conservation Corps is dedicated to projects that help coastal communities adapt to climate change. CCC projects include coastal dune restoration, green infrastructure, and stormwater management projects.

MARQUETTE, MI--   A new, state-of-the-art weather buoy has been deployed at Stannard Rock. 

Scientists from the Superior Watershed Partnership and Lentic Environmental Services recently placed the buoy at the remote site 45 miles due north of Marquette. It will provide data on wave height, water temperature, wind speed, and other weather variables, which will be transmitted by satellite and posted on various websites.

MARQUETTE, MI--   An Upper Peninsula nonprofit group has received a federal grant for a "green infrastructure" project intended to protect Lake Superior waters near Marquette.

The Environmental Protection Agency awarded the $288,500 grant to the Superior Watershed Partnership.

The project will relocate an open-channel drain in Marquette that discharges storm water across a public beach and into the lake. The drain's outfall will be moved to an adjacent wetland.

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Superior Watershed Partnership is giving people the opportunity to restore Lake Superior.

The SWP is offering ten volunteer projects every Friday through the summer for those who want to help conserve the area. It's called the Lake Superior Volunteer Corps.

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Superior Watershed Partnership has secured more than $1 million for 

environmental projects that benefit Marquette and Lake Superior. 

The money comes from state, federal, and private sources, and will be used during the 2016/2017 field seasons.

The projects include:

MARQUETTE, MI (AP)--   An Upper Peninsula nonprofit says it's expanding a summer work program in which crews perform a variety of conservation services.  

The Superior Watershed Partnership for years has helped U.P. communities through its Great Lakes Conservation Corps. Among projects planned for this summer are building new sections of the Iron Belle/North Country Trail, restoring habitat for the threatened Monarch butterfly and removing invasive plants.

Superior Watershed Partnership

MARQUETTE, MI--   Students in seven school districts will lead stewardship projects this spring, thanks to grants from the Superior Watershed Partnership.  

The $16,000 from the Upper Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative will be used for activities ranging from water quality monitoring to trail projects to wildlife habitat improvements and gardens.  The project aims to expand classrooms into the community and let students learn about the environment where they live. 

MARQUETTE, MI--   Residents can safely dispose of their old medications and products that contain microbeads during a U.P.-wide event Saturday. 

The Superior Watershed Partnership and churches in the Earth Keeper network are collaborating to collect the items.

Natasha Koss is program manager at the SWP.  She says it comes down to water quality.

“Our wastewater treatment plants are unable to treat a lot of the medications and they don’t catch the tiny plastic particles and so it ends up in our water.”