Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   Governor Rick Snyder says he’s concerned that President Trump’s decision to end subsidies that help low-income families pay for health insurance could make rates unaffordable.

Snyder says more study is needed to determine the state’s next move, but he hopes Congress will act quickly to settle things.

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   Governor Rick Snyder says he stands by his testimony before a congressional committee regarding the Flint water crisis. 

The Republican and Democratic leaders on the US House Oversight Committee have asked the governor to provide more details on when he became aware of an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in Genesee County.

That’s because an aide to the governor testified in a criminal trial that he told the governor weeks earlier than when the governor said he knew.

DETROIT, MI (AP)--   Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is sticking by his congressional testimony about when he learned about a fatal outbreak of Legionnaires' disease during the Flint water crisis, despite a senior aide's new disclosure that he informed the governor weeks earlier.

Spokesman Ari Adler says Snyder was "under oath" and "stands by his testimony."

Nearly 100 Legionnaires' cases, including 12 deaths, were reported in the Flint area when the city was using the Flint River for water in 2014-15.

HERMANSVILLE, MI--   Michigan Governor Rick Snyder took an ORV ride on the new Escanaba to Hermansville multi-use trail Wednesday.

The trail was developed through a partnership between the Department of Natural Resources and American Transmission Company. After a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Thomas St. Onge Veterans Museum in Hermansville the governor rode 25 miles east to the Great Lakes Sports and Recreation Club in Escanaba.

Development of the trail began in 2007 when the state acquired the inactive railroad corridor from Wisconsin Central for $550,000.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Gov. Rick Snyder has created a state council to better coordinate Michigan's fight against the opioid epidemic. 

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley will lead the council that was established by Snyder's executive order Tuesday.

The formation of the Council on Opioid and Prescription Drug Enforcement was recommended by a prescription drug and opioid abuse task force in 2015. It will address, develop and maintain relationships among local, state and federal agencies that enforce drug laws and regulations.

MUNISING, MI--   Michigan Governor Rick Snyder continued to make good use of his time in the Upper Peninsula Tuesday morning by spending part of it on Lake Superior. 

Snyder highlighted U.P. tourism opportunities by kayaking around Grand Island. He was accompanied by members of Travel Michigan—the state’s official tourism promotion office.

Snyder also participated in a roundtable discussion of Careers in Technical Education at Westwood High School. The governor is a big proponent of CTE programs.

LANSING, MI--   Governor Rick Snyder has announced that the Invasive Carp Challenge is now accepting proposals for innovative methods to prevent invasive (or Asian) carp from entering the Great Lakes.

“Invasive carp pose a serious and growing threat to the economy and ecology of our Great Lakes,” Snyder said. “The Invasive Carp Challenge will tap into the creativity and expertise of the entrepreneurial community to find the best ways to protect Michigan’s most prized natural resource.”

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Beginning in January, Michigan will have rules in place for the disclosure and retention of audio or video recordings from body cameras worn by police officers. 

Legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder Wednesday exempts the recordings from public-records request under certain circumstances, including if the recordings were made in a "private place."

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Gov. Rick Snyder says the state budget should be resolved soon because K-12 school districts and many municipalities start their fiscal year three months before the state does.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Governor Rick Snyder and Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley were in Marquette Friday to help announce the creation of a new Upper Peninsula-wide private-sector economic development initiative.

Founding member and President of Viridea Group Bob Mahaney said talent is leaving the region and employers are having a hard time recruiting good employees. He said the new initiative will serve the entire U.P. and work with other regional economic development organizations.