Marcus Robyns

MARQUETTE, MI--   Northern Michigan University has invited Governor Rick Snyder to give May’s commencement address, and some aren’t happy about it. 

A student petition against the visit is circulating campus, and an opposition group comprising university employees and the public wants the invitation rescinded.

MARQUETTE, MI--  As part of its Diversity Readers program, NMU is holding an Evening at the Archives Thursday evening at 7 at Mead Auditorium. Dr. Frank Boles, Director of the Clarke Historical Library at 

Central Michigan University, will discuss KKK items found in a farmhouse near Muskegon and their importance in today's political atmosphere.  

Public Radio 90 News Director Nicole Walton sat down to talk to Dr. Boles and NMU Archivist Marcus Robyns about the KKK in Michigan.

A History of Protests at NMU

Mar 31, 2015