Hiawatha Music Coop

Hiawatha Music Coop

The Co-op’s final 2018 “Hiawatha on TAAP” (traditional acoustic art performance) will be the return of a favorite of Marquette audiences, The Appleseed Collective on Wednesday, May 16th at the Ore Dock Brewing Company from 6-8pm. Cost is $5 Co-op Members and $7 Non-Members. Complimentary pizza will be served. Families are welcome. DRAWING FOR 2 FESTIVAL TICKETS TONIGHT FROM ALL 2018 HoTAAP red tickets!  Aarik Danielsen, from the Columbia Daily Tribune describes the Collective Sound, “The sounds of The Appleseed Collective are as diverse as the personalities that create them.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Trees donated by the Hiawatha Music Coop will be planted at NMU on Sunday.

The 40 native species—including elderberry, plum, and hazelnut—will be placed in Outdoor Learning Areas so students can learn about the Native American heritage of the region.

The donation is meant to be a “thank you” to Northern for letting people park in university parking lots over the past 40 years of the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival.

The trees and shrubs were purchased from the Marquette County Conservation District.

Hiawatha Music Coop

Due to inclement weather and availability of appropriate trees, the rescheduled Hiawatha Music Co-op is now on Sunday, May 13th at 1pm.  The Hiawatha Music Co-op will team up with NMU to celebrate their 40th year by planting 40 trees in Northern’s Outdoor Learning Areas. The event is a collaboration between the Hiawatha Music Co-op, Northern Michigan University’s  Sustainability Advisory Council, student leaders associated with GTU and EcoReps, and the Marquette County Conservation District.

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Hiawatha Music Co-op is celebrating 40 years of its festival by planting trees at Northern Michigan University.

Them Coulee Boys / Hiawatha Music Coop

The Hiawatha Music Coop announces their March Hiawatha On TAAP (Traditional Acoustic Arts Performance).  This is the fourth year of this monthly concert series.  Hiawatha Music Coop’s mission is to promote the performance of, education the public on, and perform traditional music.  Hiawatha Music Coop is known for the traditional festival held each July.  In addition, local and regional traditional music events will be performed each month, January through May, at the Ore Dock Brewing Company.