MACKINAC ISLAND, MI (AP)--   Mackinac Island is restricting drones amid worries that such unmanned aircraft may startle the island's horses and interfere with its historic charm.  

The Detroit News reports the restriction is expected to go into effect July 26 requiring visitors and residents on the island to seek permission from officials before flying drones. The City Council recently approved the ordinance.

According to the ordinance, potential drone operators will need to request a permit before flying their devices. Violators could be subject to a fine.

MADISON, WI (AP)--   A legislative committee has extended emergency rules allowing captive deer farmers to opt out of the state's chronic wasting disease monitoring program without upgrading their fences.

Generally, deer farms must enroll in the monitoring program to get Department of Natural Resources' approval for a single fence. If farms don't participate in the program they must install double or solid fencing.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Governor Rick Snyder says the federal government has extended an order that allows truckers transporting fuel in Michigan to spend more time on the road.  

Snyder had issued the energy emergency in May and earlier extended it in response to pipeline interruptions in Wisconsin and Detroit. He had suspended state and federal rules related to limits on hours and days that a trucker can be on the road.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Republicans have held the Michigan governorship and the state attorney general's office for 5½ years a feat that had been out of reach for more than six decades before Rick Snyder and Bill Schuette took office. 

Given recent strife between the two, though, you could be forgiven for thinking they are of different political parties.

The friction is not limited to Schuette's high-stakes criminal and civil investigation of Flint's water crisis, for which the governor has apologized and five state employees have resigned, been fired or charged.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Governor Rick Snyder is calling for "wholesale revisions" of how Michigan divvies up road construction money after he vetoed legislation that would have ended a requirement that 45 cities cover some of the cost of state road projects within their limits.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is inviting the public to comment on draft proposals to amend the state's solid waste laws.
The proposals were developed by an advisory group formed in April 2015 to comprehensively review Part-115 of the ‘Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act,’ which deals with solid waste management.
The 13-member panel includes representatives from businesses, environmental groups, solid waste processors, academia and local governments.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Michigan's attorney general has won preliminary approval to spend $3.4 million more to investigate Flint's water crisis, which would more than triple overall spending on the probe. 

The request was endorsed 3-0 by a State Administrative Board committee Tuesday. The full board will meet July 12 to consider the contract change.

Attorney General Bill Schuette hired lawyer Todd Flood and 21 other outside attorneys and investigators for the probe.

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, MI--   Marquette Township and Peter White Public Library have agreed on the terms of a new contract. 

WLUC-TV says the old agreement was put in place in 1993.  The new one is much the same, but updates a few items.  One change is that the new contract will end on December 31st instead of the middle of the year.  Contracts will last two years, and must be re-evaluated before they’re renewed to see if they’re meeting the needs of Township residents. 

GLADSTONE, MI--   Gladstone needs a new city manager.  

WLUC-TV reports Darla Falcon’s contract was not renewed by the city commission at a meeting Monday night.  Falcon has been the city manager for the past six years; before that she served as assistant city manager. 

Falcon worked under a rolling contract, which means her employment was terminated once the commission decided not to renew it. 

Officials say they don’t have confidence in Falcon’s leadership, and don’t think she was hearing the concerns of citizens or staff. 

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Governor Rick Snyder has signed a $16.1 billion education budget, which includes an increase in per-student aid ranging from $60 to $120 to lower the gap between higher- and lower-funded 

school districts.

The legislation approved Monday boosts state spending on K-12 schools by 1.9 percent.

Public universities' aid will rise 2.9 percent. Funding for six of the 15 universities will remain below what it was before a major cut five years ago.