LANSING, MI (AP)--   People whose property is seized by law enforcement will no longer have to pay a bond to contest the forfeiture under legislation signed by Governor Rick Snyder.

The law enacted Wednesday is the latest move by lawmakers to address concerns about police taking cash, vehicles and assets from people not convicted of crimes.

Under the old law, people contesting a seizure had to pay a bond worth 10 percent of the property's value, or at least $250 and not more than $5,000.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation to further shield municipalities from lawsuits filed by people who trip and fall on sidewalks.

The law enacted Wednesday lets cities defend themselves by saying sidewalk defects are "open and obvious."

Supporters say Detroit pays millions annually in sidewalk-injury settlements and should have a defense that is available to businesses.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Governor Rick Snyder says he has "no reason to be concerned" about being charged in the Flint water investigation.  

Snyder's comments to the Detroit Free Press occurred as the bill for his legal fees reached $4.9 million — all paid by taxpayers. The governor says much of the money has been spent on producing documents requested by Attorney General Bill Schuette's investigators.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Governor Rick Snyder has signed laws that will ease zero-tolerance policies in public schools and give districts flexibility to consider many issues when deciding whether to punish a student. 

Snyder says students will no longer be automatically expelled or suspended due to misconduct. Schools can consider a student's age, disciplinary history, a student's disability and whether safety was at risk.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a law that allows community colleges to pursue expanding their tax districts, which could increase the number of students paying lower, residential tuition rates.  

Snyder signed the legislation Thursday that passed earlier this month with broad support in the Michigan Legislature.

Expanding the districts into communities the schools do not border would require approval by local governments and voters.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Beginning Jan. 1, Republican Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan will have appointed the majority of members on the board that oversees state government employees. 

Thomas "Mac" Wardrop, an independent appointee from former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm, will leave the state Civil Service Commission when his term expires at the year's end. Democrat Robert Swanson will be the only other Granholm appointee on the four-member board.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Not everyone is happy about energy legislation pushed through the legislature late last week that awaits Governor Rick Snyder’s signature. 

Nearly all Upper Peninsula lawmakers voted against the bills, saying it didn’t guarantee reliable and affordable power for the U.P.  Republican Representative Ed McBroom offered an amendment that would have considered ways to provide energy to the U.P. without relying on Wisconsin, but the amendment failed. 

LANSING, MI (AP)--   The state budget director will leave Governor Rick Snyder's administration for an unspecified job in the private sector.  

John Roberts became budget chief in 2014 and before that was the Republican governor's deputy chief of staff. He will depart in February after the release of the next state budget plan to lawmakers.

Roberts recently informed staff, telling them he takes "great pride" in working together to "make Michigan a better place."

Wolf hunting a signature away from becoming legal

Dec 15, 2016

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   Wolves are on the federal endangered species list. If they are ever taken off the list, the legislation would allow them to be hunted.  

Two years ago, voters rejected wolf hunting in a statewide referendum. Another effort to allow wolf hunting was struck down in court.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Governor Rick Snyder says he wants municipalities and labor unions to jointly study how best to tackle retiree health care costs after Republican lawmakers removed a contentious proposal to aggressively curb the benefits from the postelection agenda.

The governor told The Associated Press on Wednesday that unfunded liabilities remain as an "important issue," and he plans to create a broad task force to "put the facts on the table." The group could be formed in early January and be given three or four months to work, with legislation to follow.