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The TaMaMa Dance Company performed their first full-length dance performance last summer, called "Horizon."  This summer, they present "FLOW," another full-length performance featuring original choreography, original music, video projections and lighting, all on the Forest Roberts Theatre stage.  Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Marissa Marquardson, Maggie Barch, and Maria Formolo about the project, the creative process, and how the dance, music and light come together.


Northern Michigan University's Forest Roberts Theater's performances of Disney's Tarzan will include a sensory friendly Sunday matinee. Public Radio 90 intern Brady Skewis spoke with Bill Digneit, Director of the Forest Roberts Theater, about the importance of such a performance and the response from the students involved to the community at large.

The special sensory friendly performance of Tarzan is Sunday, April 15 at 2pm.

Maggie Barch and Marissa Marquardson, members and co-founders of the TaMaMa Dance Company, stopped by our studios to talk about the upcoming dance performance of "Horizon," as part of the NMU Dance Showcase this February at the Forest Roberts Theatre.

Performances take place at the Forest Roberts Theatre starting Thursday Feb. 22 at 7:30pm.  Tickets and more information about the NMU Dance Showcase are on sale now through the NMU EZ-Ticket outlets, at

Bergonzi String Quartet in Marquette

Jun 21, 2017

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Scott Flavin, member of the Bergonzi String Quartet and playwright of the new work, "The Beethoven Project."  The project combines the music of Beethoven with the story of his life acted out, featuring two actors and the quartet on the same stage.  The group performed at the Peter White Public Library for a free children's concert, and  will perform at the Forest Roberts Theatre tonight in Marquette as a part of the Pine Mountain Music Festival.  

EDIT: *Tickets available at the door*

Kate Danley

Northern Michigan University's Panowski Playwriting Award winner this year is Building Madness by Kate Danley. She joined us in the studio this summer along with NMU Prof. of Theater Paul Truckey to talk about the play, the award, and playwriting. 

The play runs from Wednesday, 2/22 thru Saturday, 2/25 at the Forest Roberts Theater. For tickets, call 227-1032, or visit

MARQUETTE, MI--   Dusk creeps its way across the sky as a group of 30 or so students, professors and 

regular citizens file out of the lobby of Northern Michigan University’s Forest Roberts Theatre, clutching flashlights, cell phones and variously colored sparklers. Each person holds a sign they’ve filled out with marker: I am __________. I fight for ___________. It’s the day before Donald Trump is inaugurated as the nation’s 45th president, and there’s apprehension in everyone’s faces. 

2013-14 Forest Roberts Theatre Season

Aug 26, 2013

Ansley Valentine lets our listeners know what's in store for the upcoming theatre season at NMU. Tickets can be obtained by either calling (906) 227-1032 or going online to, or

An interview with Darin Casler

Feb 22, 2013

Theatre Interest Night at NMU

Aug 30, 2012

Public Radio 90's Stan Wright talks with Forest Roberts Theatre director Ansley Valentine about Theatre Interest Night at Northern Michigan University. The event takes place tonight (August 30) at 6 p.m. at Forest Roberts Theatre and gives the university and general community a look at what's coming up this school year.