Flint water crisis

DETROIT, MI (AP)--   Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is sticking by his congressional testimony about when he learned about a fatal outbreak of Legionnaires' disease during the Flint water crisis, despite a senior aide's new disclosure that he informed the governor weeks earlier.

Spokesman Ari Adler says Snyder was "under oath" and "stands by his testimony."

Nearly 100 Legionnaires' cases, including 12 deaths, were reported in the Flint area when the city was using the Flint River for water in 2014-15.

FLINT, MI (AP)--   A special prosecutor says he'll add a charge of involuntary manslaughter against Michigan's chief medical executive in a criminal investigation of the Flint water crisis. 

Dr. Eden Wells was in court Monday for a key hearing on other charges. But the hearing was postponed after the announcement by Todd Flood. Wells' lawyer couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

Jake May / Associated Press

FLINT, MI (AP)--   A former Michigan health official says he started asking questions about bacteria in Flint's water supply a year before the state publicly acknowledged an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. 

Tim Becker is the first witness Thursday at a hearing that will determine whether Nick Lyon goes to trial on two charges, including involuntary manslaughter.

Lyon is head of the Department of Health and Human Services. He's accused of failing to alert the public in a timely manner about a Legionnaires' outbreak in the Flint area in 2014-15.

FLINT, MI (AP)--   Service lines have been replaced at more than 2,800 Flint homes during phase 4 of an effort to help fix the city's lead-tainted water crisis.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver's office says the replaced lines are part of her FAST Start initiative to put new water pipes in 6,000 homes this year.

More than 3,700 service lines have been replaced since FAST start began in March 2016. The program's goal is to replace nearly 20,000 lead-tainted lines in Flint by 2020.

FLINT, MI (AP)--   The head of Michigan's health department is asking a judge to force prosecutors to release additional evidence in their case against him in the Flint water crisis. 

An attorney for Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Nick Lyon has filed motions asking a judge to compel the release of requested discovery material and to issue subpoenas for the state Office of Inspector General, state Office of Auditor General, Lyon's own department and McLaren-Flint hospital.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was less combative when criminal charges were brought against 10 state officials over Flint's man-made drinking water crisis. 

Now, with two of his own cabinet members facing manslaughter or other charges, he's keeping them on the job and defending their names despite calls for their removal.

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   A group marched on Governor Rick Snyder’s office Tuesday to call for faster work fixing Flint’s water system.           

About 50 demonstrators delivered more than 11 hundred empty water bills with messages from Flint residents curled inside each one. 

Nayyirah Shariff with the group Flint Rising led the march. She says the demands include picking up the pace of replacing lead pipes, and a moratorium on city water bills until the work is done. Shariff says the process of replacing the water pipes should not take years. 

FLINT, MI (AP)--   A federal judge has approved a deal to replace water lines at 18,000 homes in Flint, marking a long-term fix to overcome the disastrous discovery of high lead levels in the city's water system.

Under the deal approved Tuesday, Flint will be responsible for replacing lead and galvanized-steel lines that bring water into homes.

The cost could be as high as $97 million with federal and state governments roughly splitting the bill. Pipes at more than 700 homes have been replaced so far.

FLINT, MI (AP)--   Michigan and the city of Flint have agreed to replace thousands of home water lines under a sweeping deal to settle a lawsuit over lead-contaminated water in the troubled city.

A court filing Monday says Flint will replace at least 18,000 lead or galvanized-steel water lines by 2020, and the state will pick up the bill with state and federal money. The state said it will pay $87 million and keep another $10 million in reserve if necessary.

The settlement will be presented to a federal judge in Detroit on Tuesday for approval.

FLINT, MI (AP)--   Governor Rick Snyder's administration says there's a plan in the works to forgive $20 million in water loans made to Flint.

Snyder adviser Rich Baird believes the state "will be able to facilitate" loan forgiveness due to a law signed by President Barack Obama before he left office.

The Flint Journal says Flint has been paying interest on the loans.