Morning Classics

Monday through Friday from 9:35am to 12pm
  • Local Host Kurt Hauswirth

Stop us if you’ve heard any of these before: a Mozart piano trio for tubas; a progressive rock song performed with a harp as the main instrument; a singer mimicking the sound of a clarinet with an orchestra?  That, along with a healthy dose of well-known pieces, is the aim of ‘Classiclectic’, an eclectic collection of classical music, on Public Radio 90.  Kurt Hauswirth hosts a journey through all corners of the classical music spectrum, from ancient to modern, exploring different styles, juxtapositions and unexpected surprises from Public Radio 90’s classical music library; the familiar and the uncommon to excite and charm your day. Chances are, you’ll never hear the same thing twice…or, at least not the same way.

9:30 - Writer's Almanac w/Garrison Keillor

10:01  - NPR News

10:15 - Composer's Datebook

11:00 - Northern Notes

11:50 - Local News and Weather