Media Meet

Sunday at 7:30 a.m. and Monday at 3:30 p.m.

Hosted by Bill Hart, this weekly public affairs program delves into the issues that are important to the people of the Upper Great Lakes Region. During the half-hour program, local media representatives, community leaders and special guests of regional, national and international prominence engage in intelligent discussion and candid debate regarding topics of local interest.

Media Meet Schedule       

February 4 & 5 - Year in Review 2017  -A panel of area journalists looks back on the year’s key news stories. (repeat)

February 11 & 12 - Elder Abuse A program focusing on a crime affecting  our communities every day.  A panel of experts discusses frequency, consequences and prevention of a growing elder abuse problem.  (repeat)

February 18 & 19 - Medicinal Plants Chemistry A look at a new Chemistry course of study on medicinal plants being offered at Northern Michigan University.  Topics include research and markets for plant based medicines and supplements, precedents for education, relevant curricula and methods, and opportunities. (repeat)

February 25 & 26 - Bicycle Traffic Safety A discussion of efforts to improve traffic safety for bicyclists, who have grown by 39-percent over the past decade.  The focus is on Michigan bike accidents and fatalities and proposals to better prevent them. 

Airs Sundays at 7:30 am et Repeats Mondays at 3:30 pm et

Program topics are subject to change in order to cover timely news and events. Media Meet podcasts available at WNMUFM.ORG                  

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Marquette Regional History Center

Jul 1, 2012

The history of an historical society, a look at its operations, activities, and features and functions of its new headquarters. (Repeat from February) [The episode originally scheduled for this week, Post Office Issues, has been canceled.]

On Books and Writing

Jun 25, 2012

A discussion of writing, teaching and ideas with acclaimed Upper Peninsula author John Smolens. Topics include the process of crafting a book and combining history and fiction.

Lake Eutrophication

Jun 19, 2012

Natural or artificial substances, such as nitrates and sewage, can have harmful effects when added to lakes and aquatic systems. A case in point is Ishpeming's oxygen starved Lake Bancroft. Retired Wisconsin DNR researcher, now private consultant, Douglas Knauer discusses the problem and lake restoration projects in this episode of Media Meet.

A President Leaves NMU

Jun 13, 2012

A conversation on higher education and related topics, including a review of issues and events at Northern Michigan University during the past eight years, with outgoing President Les Wong, as he prepares to take the helm at San Francisco State.

Regional Air Service

Jun 3, 2012

An update on Sawyer International airport covering passenger and cargo activity, its role in the local economy, multi-modal facilities and the effort nationwide to maintain viable regional air service. (Repeat from April)

Young and Muslim in America

May 28, 2012

This week on Media Meet, host Bill Hart speaks with author and teacher Moustafa Bayoumi, who describes problems for young Arab and Muslim Americans who are forging lives in a country where others sometimes mistake them for an enemy. (Aired February 26, 2012)

Michigan Veteran Affairs

May 28, 2012

This week on Media Meet, host Bill Hart talks with Michigan Senior Deputy Director of Veterans Affairs Jason Allen, who provides an update on issues and programs with an emphasis on the challenges in providing assistance to veterans returning from the Mid-East mission now that U.S. military involvement is winding down. (Aired April 22, 2012)

Upstreaming Marquette General Hospital

May 28, 2012

This week on Media Meet, host Bill Hart leads a discussion of a proposal to continue improvements to Marquette General Hospital by merging with a larger partner and becoming a for-profit institution. (Originally aired March 18, 2012)

Congressman Dan Benishek

May 28, 2012

A conversation with Upper Michigan’s U.S. Representative on key issues during his freshman term and what he sees as the challenges beyond 2012. (Aired April 8, 2012)

Senator Carl Levin

May 28, 2012

U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D) visits the U.P. to discuss current issues facing the American people and Michigan residents. Topics will includes budgets, jobs, economy, education, elections and more. (Aired April 1, 2012)