Wolf group best funded for MI ballot drive

Jul 26, 2013

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Foes of plans to allow wolf hunting in Michigan have raised the most among groups backing statewide ballot drives. 

Ballot committee Keep Michigan's Wolves Protected reported Thursday that it had taken in roughly $567,000 in 2013, much of it from national animal rights organizations.

The wolf group is by far the best-funded of four groups with ballot drives. It collected enough signatures for a referendum on a law designating the wolf as a game species.

Now activists are preparing to gather signatures for a second wolf ballot initiative after lawmakers moved to make the 2014 referendum's outcome meaningless.

A group trying to ban health plans from covering abortions without a supplemental policy raised $24,000. Right to Life won't need much, though, because it generally doesn't need to pay for signature-gathering.