Treatment centers anticipate rush of addicts next year

Apr 17, 2013

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Michigan health officials say the state's substance abuse care system will be able to handle the surge of people who will become eligible for alcohol and drug addiction treatment under the federal Affordable Health Care Act. 

An Associated Press analysis of government data reveals that nearly 88,000 addicts will become eligible for insurance starting in 2014. If the Republican-led Legislature also approves expanding Medicaid eligibility that number could reach almost 177,500.

While about 850,000 Michigan residents need treatment for substance abuse, only about 4,600 beds are available at the state's treatment facilities.

But Director of Michigan's Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Deborah Hollis says residential treatment is just one kind of treatment. The state also offers outpatient, group services and recovery support programs.