SWP places new weather buoy at Stannard Rock

Sep 13, 2017

MARQUETTE, MI--   A new, state-of-the-art weather buoy has been deployed at Stannard Rock. 

Scientists from the Superior Watershed Partnership and Lentic Environmental Services recently placed the buoy at the remote site 45 miles due north of Marquette. It will provide data on wave height, water temperature, wind speed, and other weather variables, which will be transmitted by satellite and posted on various websites.

The equipment was funded by a grant from the Great Lakes Observing System. Officials say monitoring data will further boater safety, weather forecasting, climate research, and regional updates to adaptation plans.

The SWP has owned the lighthouse since 2015 and has expanded opportunities for U.S. and Canadian universities, agencies, and Great Lakes organizations to conduct a wide range of climate monitoring and research at the site.