Sexual assault training for Nurses to be held at NMU

May 12, 2017

MARQUETTE, MI--   Northern Michigan University is holding Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner training next week.

NMU Nursing instructor Melissa Copenhaver says the 40-hour training prepares nurses to examine victims of sexual assault and abuse, and to perform a forensic kit. Copenhaver says it takes specialized training to do the job well.

“Any nurse can probably do it, but what happens is they’re not trained to do it in the most appropriate way,” she says. “Some of the research shows that facilities that have SANE nurses, (that) if a victim presents, they are more apt to accept prophylactic treatment for pregnancy, STD testing, and have the forensic kits completed if there’s a SANE nurse that has been trained to do that.” 

There are only two SANE-certified nurses in the Upper Peninsula, and facilities are in desperate need of more. Copenhaver says the training is aimed at BSN and RN nurses, but any nurse is welcome.

The training will be held May 15-19 at NMU’s West Science Facility.

For more information call 225-1346, extension 204.