Richardville says he saved Medicaid expansion bill

Jul 8, 2013

LANSING, MI (AP)--   The Republican leader of the Michigan Senate says Governor Rick Snyder shouldn't have questioned his leadership but he's moving on in search of a Medicaid expansion plan that can pass muster with Republicans. 

Randy Richardville

Majority Leader Randy Richardville tells The Associated Press that he saved a House Medicaid expansion bill from dying when he decided not to call a vote more than two weeks ago. Snyder thinks the legislation would have passed with Democratic and some Republican support.

Richardville disputes that and the notion that pressure from tea party groups is to blame for the Senate's inaction. He says Republicans genuinely believe in limited government and fighting against expanded government.

He says he understands Snyder's desire to move quickly but wants to let the Senate puts its stamp on Medicaid legislation.