Restoration efforts underway for Marquette statue

Dec 27, 2012

MARQUETTE, MI (AP)--   A restoration effort is under way for the historic Father Marquette statue in the city of Marquette. 

A Detroit-based company that works in sculpture preservation recently spent the day creating molds of the reliefs at the base of the statue.  In the 115 years since the statue was dedicated to the city of Marquette, pieces have been broken from the reliefs.  Experts will return in the spring to attach replacements to the original reliefs.

Father Jacques Marquette was a Jesuit missionary and explorer born in France in 1637.  He served as a missionary in the region and was believed to have camped near modern day Marquette while mapping Lake Superior in 1669. 

Marquette officials hope to raise $100,000 to fund the effort that includes park improvements.