Meth dumpsite discovered

Nov 15, 2013

MARQUETTE, MI - Marquette City Police are investigating a meth dump site near M-553. Officer were alerted to a possible dump site at about 2:30pm yesterday and found the materials on Trail #8 just west of 553. Officers found a white bag filled with meth lab components discarded along the trail. The Upper Peninsula Drug Enforcement Team assisted in the investigation and conducted the clean-up of the site.

So far this year, Marquette Police and UPSET detectives have responded to 11 meth lab and meth dump sites within the city. Meth dump sites are a common byproduct of meth manufacturing and are considered extremely dangerous. They can also cause environmental problems.

       Anyone believing they have found a meth dump site is urged to not handle any products and call police immediately. Plastic tubing, stripped batteries, fertilizer, Coleman fuel cans, and soda bottles with strange liquids are examples of what might be found at a meth dump site.