Men rescued from ice floe in Lake Superior

Apr 22, 2013

MARQUETTE, MI--   Two men were very cold but lucky to be alive after they were rescued from an iceberg Friday night near Marquette.   

The City Fire Department was dispatched around 8:40 p.m. to Lake Superior near the mouth of the Carp River.  Firefighters found the two men stranded on an ice floe about 50 yards out after it broke away from a larger piece of ice.  Officials say ten-foot waves steadily chipped away at the ice, making it smaller. 

Wearing dry suits, firefighters were able to get to the men and bring them to shore.  They were taken to Marquette General Hospital with hypothermia.

Officials say the rescue would not have been accomplished without the assistance of Marquette Police, the county Sheriff’s Department, Medi-Ride 156, and the U.S. Coast Guard.