Marquette teens overdose on cold meds

Apr 22, 2013

MARQUETTE, MI--   Marquette City Police are warning parents about what their kids may be doing for recreation.  

Saturday night officers were called to the emergency department at Marquette General Hospital on a report that a 13-year-old girl had overdosed on cold medication. 

Investigation revealed that the victim and three of her friends had taken numerous over-the-counter pills before going to a dance.  The victim quickly became ill with vomiting and other serious symptoms. 

Officers contacted the other girls’ parents, who brought them to MGH.  Three girls were admitted to the hospital—one to the intensive care unit. 

Officers say over-the-counter cold medicine is often used as a recreational drug.  Many are Tylenol-based, and consuming a large amount can severely harm the liver and the rest of the body.  

No criminal charges are being sought in the case.