Marquette conference to address suicide prevention

Sep 6, 2017

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Marquette County Health Department is teaming up with Dial Help of Houghton to talk about suicide prevention later this month.

Megan Giacoletto is a social worker with Dial Help. She says the conference is for anyone—professional or not—who is interested in learning more about things they can do to help prevent suicide and learn about what’s happening in the community and at the state and federal level.

Giacoletto says education about suicide is vital, and so is addressing the issue of stigma.

“Stigma is that sense of shame and doubt that makes it hard for people that are dealing with suicidal thoughts to reach out and get the help they need,” she says. “I believe the only way that we can really work to address stigma is to improve the education around the topic of suicide and make it something that people aren’t afraid to talk about.”

Participants will also hear about suicide prevention among veterans. One of the speakers is a soldier who marched across the U.P. to bring attention to the issue this past spring.

The conference will be held September 15 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Marquette Ramada Inn. For more information call 482-9077.