Lawsuit settled between Schultz, MTU

Jun 16, 2017

HOUGHTON, MI--   A lawsuit filed against Michigan Tech by a former student has been settled. 

Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz of Norway was charged with disturbing the peace after he posted “Gonna shoot all black people… a smile tomorrow” on Yik Yak in November of 2015. Someone took a screen shot of the post, left off “a smile tomorrow,” and sent it to Tech officials.

Although the charge was eventually dropped, Schultz was expelled from the university. He asserted his post was never a threat of violence, but the administration said its actions were justified at the time.

As part of the settlement the university has agreed to expunge the expulsion and related discipline from Schultz’ record, although he won’t be returning to Tech.

Schultz’ claim against the person who took the screen shot—Ryan Grainger—was also settled.

Further terms of both settlements were not disclosed.