Health care overhaul overcoming stumbling blocks, official says

Oct 14, 2013

DEARBORN, MI (AP)--   Amid the political and technical problems since the launch of online health care exchanges, Adnan Hammad sees progress. 

Adnan Hammad

The community health director at Dearborn-based nonprofit ACCESS says his staff has helped hundreds of people enroll in plans under the federal health care overhaul and educated thousands about their options.

That's despite glitches that have frustrated consumers across Michigan and the country since debuting October 1st. Problems started to ease in the second week of the marketplaces.

They launched as the federal government partially shut down, with Republican leaders demanding votes to reopen the government be tied to dismantling President Barack Obama's health care law and cutting federal spending.

Hammad says he's not interested in the politics but eager to see the public health benefits of more uninsured people getting coverage.