Group wants abortion coverage out of insurance policies

May 22, 2013

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Michigan's election board has approved a petition form for a proposal to ban Michigan health insurance plans from covering elective abortions unless individuals or businesses buy a supplemental policy.   

The Board of State Canvassers agreed on Wednesday that the petition form started by a group called No Taxes for Abortion Insurance complies with state law.  The group now has to collect more than 250,000 valid signatures by next spring. The Legislature could then approve or reject the proposal within 40 days or it goes on the ballot.

Right to Life of Michigan says that taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for other people's abortions.

Opponents such as Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union say the measure is an attack on women's rights.

Legislation initiated by voters is veto-proof.