DNR needs help with frogs and toads

Feb 19, 2013

LANSING, MI (AP)--   The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is looking for volunteers to count amphibians.  

The 18th statewide Frog and Toad Survey takes place this spring, and the DNR wants help from veteran and first-time volunteers. 

Surveys are conducted along a system of permanent survey routes, each consisting of ten wetland sites.  Observers visit the sites three times during spring—when frogs and toads are actively breeding—listen for calls, identify the species, and estimate their numbers. 

The DNR says amphibian populations are declining, likely due to habitat loss, pollution, disease, and collection.

To volunteer, call Survey Coordinator Lori Sargent at 517-373-9418, or e-mail her at SargentL@michigan.gov.