Diabetics can take "Just One Step" over the holidays

Dec 13, 2012

MARQUETTE, MI--   The U.P. Diabetes Outreach Network is offering some help for diabetics over the holiday season.  

Registered dietician Paula Ackerman says the inevitable sugar rush of the holidays poses a problem for most people.  Now, those with diabetes can go online and plan out how to keep themselves healthy. 

The free “Just One Step” plan is being offered through the National Diabetes Education Program.  It allows users to set small food and activity-related goals to help keep track of their progress. 

Ackerman says it’s important to include holiday goodies in a balanced diet.  She says there are no forbidden foods, but diabetics need to balance desire with portion control and physical activity.

For more information, go to www.ndep.nih.gov/resources/diabetes-healthsense/just-one-step.aspx.