"BambinO" - Opera for Babies!

May 2, 2018

"BambinO" is an opera for beginning patrons, ages 6-18 months old.
Credit The Metropolitan Opera

The Met Opera is playing to a younger crowd: babies.

The New York City opera company is sponsoring a 40-minute opera written for young patrons, aged 6-18 months old.  The new work, called "BambinO" is written by Scottish composer Lliam Paterson, and commissioned by the Scottish Opera.

"BambinO" is being performed 10 times this week for free in a small auditorium inside the Metropolitan Opera.

From the Met website:

"The Metropolitan Opera is excited to present BambinO, a pioneering musical theater adventure for the next generation of opera lovers. BambinO is a casual, interactive performance—created especially for children between 6 and 18 months old—that features age-appropriate sounds, images, and activities."

For more information on this work, visit the Met website here.