Evelyn Massaro

Station Manager

Evelyn Massaro is the Station Manager and Development Director at WNMU-FM, Public Radio 90.  She oversees all operations for the station as well as manages and directs all fundraising activities.

Evelyn holds a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Communications with a minor in Marketing and Advertising from Northern Michigan University.

Evelyn has been working in Public Broadcast stations 1982.  She started as a student employee at WNMU-FM in 1979 working in the Traffic department which schedules all the programming and on-air announcements. She was also hosted the Night Studio jazz program and Stage and Screen show music program. 

In 1983, after graduating from NMU, Evelyn was hired full time as the Public Radio 90’s Marketing and Promotions Director. 

In 1986 Evelyn made the switch to Public TV and worked as the Promotions Director for WNMU-TV until 1992. 

In 1992 Evelyn took the position as Membership Manager at WUSF-FM at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida where she was charged with generating $1.5 million dollars in annual fundraising revenue to support the station.

In 2002 Evelyn returned to WNMU-FM to assume the role of Station Manager and chief fundraiser.

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One of the highlights of our Sunny Portugal tour is a savory dinner of excellent Portuguese cuisine and wine while local artists perform the traditional Fado, mournful folk music that expresses saudade, a feeling of longing and melancholia.

Click here for a brief video background on fado

Lisbon Azulejos  (tiles)

Make sure you have your camera handy when you travel through Portugal because you'll be snapping photos all over the place once you see all the beautiful azulejos (tile) decorations.

These colorful, patterned ceramics are used to decorate the exteriors and interiors of everywhere from humble homes to palaces, churches and metro stations.  They add color to an already vibrant city and discovering them around every corner as you wander the maze of streets will be one of our many tour highlights.

When you visit Lisbon check out these top 10 most popular azulejos sites.

Click here for the full itinerary for the Sunny Portugal Tour.

Do you like to travel but don’t always have a readily available travel companion?  It can be a bit daunting traveling to a foreign country alone; going through customs, finding transportation, safe lodging, making dining and sightseeing arrangements, not to mention language barriers.

Spring has actually sprung throughout Scotland with temperatures reaching into the mid 50s the week of March 10th.
Be sure to pack a rain jacket as it looks like we'll be getting some raining weather but at least it will be 50 degree rain.

Time is flying! Before you know it, it will be time to pack your bags and head out for your Scotland adventure.

The big question will now be, "What do I pack?"

The last time I ventured any further than Canada was in 1987 and I’m assuming travel has changed a great deal since then.  So I asked Leigh Barry and Nicole Walton, who went on our 2010 Ireland trip for a few pointers.

Their #1 travel tip…
Less is more.
Do not over pack.
Bring what is necessary, but don't bring too many "just-in-case" items. 

Using Your Electrical Devices While Traveling Through Scotland.  

(Information taken from About.com)

European power, power converters, plugs and more - What you need to know about plugging in on our Discover Scotland Tour.


When you travel through Europe, one thing you’ll notice in your hotel room might very well be the wall sockets. They're different. They're big.

The second thing you'll probably notice is that there aren't a lot of them. Power, you see, is quite expensive in Europe.

Our February membership campaign ended Friday with 387 listeners giving nearly $48,000. Thanks so much!

If you didn't get a chance yet to act on your good intentions, please take a few minutes today to give a very generous contribution.  Remember everything you hear on Public Radio 90 is made possible by listeners like you.  

Click here to pledge because every dollar makes a difference

2013 Tax Receipts

Jan 10, 2014

Thank you for your continued support of Public Radio 90.

Please help us reduce the cost of printing and mailing the tax receipt for your 2013 donations to WNMU-FM, Public
Radio 90 by giving us permission to email your tax receipt information.

Tax receipts do not contain any personal information that can be misused so you need not worry about email security.

Travelers got the chance to whet their appetites for our Scotland adventure at a special Scottish themed dinner hosted by NMU's Culinary Arts students at the student run Chez Nous restaurant, Thurs evening Nov 20th.   Dinner was delightful and made me anxious for April to get here.