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My time at Public Radio 90 began about twenty years ago as a student at NMU. I began working at WNMU-FM as a Board Operator in October of 1987. I worked a good two and a half years on various on-air shifts including Morning Edition and Night Studio Jazz. Night studio propelled me into the world of radio jazz. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Marketing/Management from NMU, I then left campus life to work in retail management.

I spent nearly twenty years in retail starting in mass retail and most of the time working for natural food cooperatives in Nevada, Minnesota, and in Marquette. About four years ago I set out on a change of pace and wound up substitute teaching in some school districts in Marquette County. I began to really embrace the teaching parts of the job and realized that enabling kids to learn was and is a passion of mine.

Working in the classroom full time meant having to go back to school to embark on a teaching certificate from NMU in the Elementary Education program. Once back at NMU, I was rehired at WNMU-FM as a Board Operator on-air. I am also a Student Underwriting Representative for WNMU-FM and WNMU-TV.

It is an absolute pleasure to be back at Public Radio 90. Hosting Sunday Swing and Jazz Showcase is an absolute blast along with working the other shifts. Once I obtain an Elementary Education Certificate I will then leave WNMU-FM as a Board Operator. I will have the pleasure of being affiliated with Public Radio 90 as an Independent Underwriting Representative.

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MARQUETTE-- Two people are injured following a hit-and-run accident in Marquette.

City police say the accident happened last night shortly before 10:30 at the intersection of South Front and Genesee streets.

A 42-year old woman and 39-year old man, both of Marquette, were struck by a vehicle while crossing the intersection.

They were taken to Marquette General Hospital for treatment of their injuries… and their conditions are unkown at this time. 

Anyone with information about the accident is asked to call the marquette city police department at 228-0400.