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UPDATE: Motorcycle driver killed in Marquette Township crash

UPDATE, 3/24/17: The motorcycle driver has been identified as Kody Wayne Lenon, 23, of Marquette. ___________________________________________ MARQUETTE TOWSHIP, MI-- The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office says a motorcyclist was killed in a single-vehicle crash Thursday. Just after 2 p.m. deputies were called to County Road 550 just south of Little Presque Isle. It appears the driver was southbound when he lost control of the motorcycle and hit some trees. Officials say the crash likely...

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Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has signed a bill into law that lowers the maximum blood alcohol limit for drivers to .05 percent from the current legal threshold of .08 percent — giving Utah the strictest drunken driving law in the nation.

In addition to drivers, the law applies to anyone carrying a dangerous weapon.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Holistic practitioner group Natural Connections Marquette is hosting the 18th annual Spring Holistic Health Fair in Marquette this weekend.  

The event will feature massage, chiropractic, gifts, natural foods, essential oils and energy work, among other healing modalities.

Everyone is welcome at the event, which will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the third-floor ballroom of the Masonic Lodge in downtown Marquette.   

For more information go to the Natural Connections Marquette Facebook page.  

Former Egyptian Leader Mubarak Released

10 hours ago

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Deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been freed after being cleared of charges against him. As NPR's Jane Arraf reports, his lawyers say the 88-year-old left a military hospital this morning where he had essentially been under house arrest.

MADISON, WI (AP)--   Wisconsin lawmakers could soon make cheese the state's official dairy product. 

Milk has enjoyed a designation as the state's official beverage since 1987 and the dairy cow became the state's domestic animal in 1971.

Even though Wisconsin produces the most cheese in the country, the state filled with self-proclaimed "cheeseheads" hasn't honored the food with an official designation.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   The Republican-led Michigan Senate has voted to repeal a law that makes it a misdemeanor if gun sellers don't keep a registry of firearm purchases.

The provision is included in legislation approved 27-10 Thursday and send to the House. The bill would largely make what supporters say are technical changes to a law that eliminated gun boards for issuing concealed handgun licenses.

Part 4 of the TED Radio Hour episode Painfully Funny.

About Kevin Breel's TED Talk

The image of the "sad clown" can seem like a cliche. But for Kevin Breel, it's very real. He describes how he struggled with depression while performing as a standup comedian.

About Kevin Breel

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode Painfully Funny.

About Sandi Toksvig's TED Talk

When comedian and TV host Sandi Toksvig came out as gay in the early 1990s, she used humor to recover from the onslaught of vitriol. Today, she says, humor can help bring about social change.

About Sandi Toksvig

Six years after the Arab Spring, Egypt's former leader Hosni Mubarak has left a military hospital and is heading home. Mubarak, 88 and ailing, was acquitted by Egypt's top appeals court of charges that he ordered police to kill anti-government protesters in 2011.

Mubarak had ruled Egypt for 30 years; now he will live in his home in Cairo's wealthy Heliopolis district, according to local media reports.

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Throughout the campaign, President Trump billed himself as a master negotiator who would make the "best deals" for the American people.


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